eschaton of hooves.



at the open the world was made by the condensation of a drop of sweat on dianas breast.
dimensions percolate and condense.
the moon rose forth from the sea.

diana, unmake me. unknit my flesh. unknit my bone. i am dead,dead,dead. i fall into the pit of you, cast my bones on the bulwarks of the moundy doors, into the cavern seas. the black bile boils under your light. my marrow liquefies.

diana, i leave my body and dance. at your table i sew the hide, i join the bone. my body is wet with the fat. with the shadow cup i drink from the eye of a bear. long fingers rake me and i am torn for you. i swallow my tail.

oh, diana.


(death of a pale horse, celine e bridge)


mother of the black goat
one thousand legs twitching in ire, ecstasy

potnia theron, we are told
stars are older, man-woman like
blackness shimmering in copper waves
how cloven hoofed can be the boiling matter of inspace

cain was the first bringer of fire, triumph in the field of ah-rebva
slaughtered by men of clay and jeering laughter, a bloody arrow
loosed into the face of the moon
the ravens of dispersion shovel soil with their beaks

then came the watchers
descending in a rain of kohl and daggers
science and ecstasy
their nipples are rouged
black polygons of multidimensional form

then fire and void coalescing
a man of light
fucking a dead cat.
held up by the filthy hands of one thousand peasant women
aradia dances in the black field